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We are Media Investors not Buyers

Our Investment Approach

The media landscape is continuously changing, and our ability to quickly adapt to these changes provides our clients greater flexibility when managing their media negotiations. it’s a buyers market and if you invest wisely you will come out on top. It’s not about how big you are anymore. 

It isn’t a-one-size fits all approach. We provide a unique strategy for each client to obtain the best outcomes based on their individual needs.

What MEDIA INVESTMENT means to us:

  • Client requirements come first
  • We are completely media channel and publisher /network neutral
  • We develop trading strategies around the market conditions, client’s category and overall objectives.

We use industry-leading media investment tools to help us buy and track the most effective and efficient media plans possible for our clients.

We can help you with:

  • Television advertising
  • Radio advertising
  • Print advertising
  • Cinema advertising
  • Outdoor advertising
  • Experiential / ambient
  • Direct Mail
  • Digital advertising
  • Social media
  • SEM & SEO

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We make your life EASY

Enigma Media are passionate about process and proudly nerdy about it. We have developed ‘process and use’ project management technology to ensure we’re as efficient as possible. This frees up our traders’ time to do the things that matter, like securing you more bonus spots or improving your positioning in a magazine. This process also ensures nothing slips through the net, with automated alerts and reminders sent out to the creative production teams to make sure the material is delivered to the media on time.

The cloud-based tools we use give you 24-hour access to the project from any device. It features material specs, material deadline alerts and material instruction emails to ensure every booking placed has the right key number allocated and the material is dispatched by the deadline. A smart phone app is also included for easy access to media booking information while you are on the go. It’s a media plan in your pocket.

Contact us now for a chat and see how easier your life could be.

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